ensure you are protected and prepared

Do your hotels know what it is you expect them to do in response to the most basic foreseeable and predictable threats in the hospitality industry? We'll be sure they do.

Hotel Security Group offers a practical, cost effective and easily activated program of safety and security that is profitable, defensible and sustainable.

Be certain that those who depend on you for guidance know exactly what it is you expect them to do in response to:

  • Emergency response procedures

    • fire

    • evacuation

    • active shooter

    • gas leak

    • extended power outage

    • robbery

    • amber alert

    • shelter in place

  • operational security

    • housekeeping security

    • asset protection/counter fraud

    • sex trafficking

    • fraud

  • OHSA compliance

  • ADA compliance

  • VGBA compliance

I had the pleasure of working with Brad for a period of more than 10 years during which time I personally observed his consistent commitment to providing those we served with practical and effective solutions to the many threats and risks that exist in the hotel industry.
— Darrell Chaneyfield, Director, Security and Threat Intelligence Adviser, IHG, Atlanta, Ga


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